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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Significance of 11-11-11

Plenty of folks read into the digits some significance, including that it was a ones in a lifetime event. for me, it was 40% more significant when I got up late and finally went into the kitchen to see the stove clock read 11:11 and I was completely blown away. Not.

The 11s notwithstanding it was also a Friday, and we know who to thank for THAT. The Gregorian Monks, for it was they who set the start date for Our Calender and decided that the fifth day of the 5-day workweek would forever be a Friday.

It all seems so silly to me because there is only one day and that day is tomorrow. Never comes the day...

I'll have to look into this bit of information is as much as I do not know the answer yet. The Hebrew, Chinese, Muslim, Hindu and Gregorian calendars all point to a different year number that we label 2011, but do they all agree when it is Monday? I know that the Mayan calendar says this is Thursday, or as they spelt it Itxanolipanalwattimogan (with the accent on 'nolip') I cannot help but think that they were just being shortsighted to only chisel a calendar that was 600 years long.

Maybe it was as I have said and the Emperor hired a consultant to etch the calendar. When the consultant asked for partial payment for the 600 years worth he had already etched, The Emperor had died and the son who took his place was a fiscal conservative. With a refusal of payment due to widespread debt load for prior obligations, the consultant decided to stop his work right where it was. That was a bad move for the consultant because he was sacrificed to the Asteroid god, Utupiky, and there was no one left to continue the calendar. As far as the young Emperor was concerned, he saw no reason to have to pay for additional dates because he and everyone he knew would be dead long before the 600 years were up. And besides, as a hansom young Emperor, he NEVER had to pay for dates.

So now when those 600 years are almost up, Dec 21, 2012 on our calendar (aka 12-21-12), we think that the end of the world is at hand when all it is is the result of a reduction in public sector employment.