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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trumpian Wrecking Crew

Here is my considered opinion. During the campaign run up to the 2016 Presidential Primaries both major parties sought to put their better foot forward. The DNC decided that Hillary Clinton was their strongest hope of maintaining a Democratic Administration. They threw everything they had at her and marginalized Bernie Sanders who seemed to have quite a following. Whether he could have won over Donald Trump will forever be a matter of political debate by minds greater than mine. At the time, the candidacy of Donald Trump was far from certain.

With in excess of 16 nationally recognizable Candidates to choose from, the RNC threw all the candidates against the wall to see who sticks. The one who was al dente was Donald Trump. For better or for worse, HE was their man.

All throughout the whittling down of the pool of also rans, the Republicans were only looking for the man who could beat "Evil Hillary". They made sure that their 25-year War on Hillary continued with the most outlandish fabrications ever to be devised in the annals of American politics. Mudslinging and Muckraking were not unknown to our forefathers, but the machinations of the Conservatives in this election would have made the lot of them gag and avert their eyes lest they be drawn in and squashed too.

Donald trump acted like a man on a suicide mission or a one-way trip to Mars. He would go. He would be hailed as a hero. He would face near indomitable odds. And though he may land on the Red Planet, he would die there. All along his journey Mr. Trump burned all his fuel in reckless abandon on the outbound trip knowing that he needn't hold any in reserve for a return trip. And when the tank was empty he would coast on his mighty momentum until he hit the wall, an asteroid or the ground at the end of his ballistic trajectory.

I am reminded of the Ballad of Poncho and Lefty where "all the Federales say, we could have had him any day. We just let him go so long. Out of kindness, I suppose." The Republican "federales" have a purpose for the "useful fool" as a one-man wrecking crew to dismantle everything they hate and want to dispose of without fear of the backlash for proposing it in the first place. It is one thing to try to dismantle the ACA, Medicare and Social Security, but all together another if the actually do it. President Trump can gut all the regulations, programs and governing oversight with the stroke of his pen while leaving the GOP untarnished.

Donald Trump has served his purpose. He used the most vulgar approach to win his office for the GOP over Hillary. He has set in motion the dismantling of multiple safety net programs, the EPA, USDA, FDA, Free Press, BLM and many more. He has placed completely incompetent and unqualified appointees in high office where each of them can scuttle their departments in favor of privatization and shareholder value. Consider the placement of Steve Bannon in the role of Presidential Adviser. His stated goal is the dismantling of the American governmental system. But in order for the GOP to have any hope of dodging the ire of the electorate they must put an end to the tyranny engendered by President Trump. They will have to move to impeach and then remove him from office for the good of what remains of US Democracy.